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Getting married in Italy

getting married in italy "Cling to me, abandoned me, sure.
I will not fail and you will not fail me.
We will find, find the secret truth
on which our love will stand forever,
immutable "

Gabriele D'Annunzio

The Beautiful Country, so Italy is known worldwide. And this nickname embodies all the beauty, the joy of living, welfare, good food, the history that has drawn the events and passions and gave birth to important writers, poets, painters, inventors, world famous for their masterpieces. Nothing can be compared to walking on pebbles in a medieval village perched on the hills of Tuscany, or capturing the important remains of the Ancient Roman Empire, or even kissing and promise eternal love from the balcony of the most famous lovers Romeo and Juliet, or run to breakneck speed on the long white beaches of the Salento ...

Choose a location to proclaim your I DO is enjoyable as difficult as choose one of the thousand flavors of ice cream!

Sea, mountain, countryside, olive groves, fields of sunflowers, Napoleonic villas, gardens, ancient villages, luxury hotels, panoramic terraces ... what imagination suggests, in Italy it can be done ... A fairy tale, a dream ... yours. Forever.