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The perfect day by Glenda Marradi

"IlGiorno Perfetto" born from the creativity, experience and professionalism of Glenda Marradi, wedding planners and wedding stylist who began her career in the world of weddings more than ten years ago.
The passion for weddings began when she was still a teenager and over the years has managed to realize her dream with a studio of wedding dresses, and simultaneously with Il Giorno Perfetto .. where she plans, designs and makes every detail of your wedding.

Glenda e il giorno perfetto


Glenda also specializes in weddings on the beach, thanks to her passion for the sea and her beloved Versilia, the perfect place for weddings by the sea with its coastline characterized by dream location. Promoter and public relations expert for many years, Glenda has a portfolio of clients and contacts in various fields.
From the wedding dresses to the decorations and more, Glenda also has a passion for flowers and has attended several courses in flower design and always continuously updated because: "do not be afraid to be daring, you should not repeat what we have already created but anticipate or at least create new ideas .... every detail is fundamental and every event has a strong emotional charge.. each event is unique and no events are equal! ".
Il Giorno Perfetto is an agency associated with A.W.P. - The Wedding Planners Association - in Italy.
Over the years, Glenda has been in contact with international collaborators, who have allowed Il Giorno Perfetto to offer a 360 degrees service and a complete design of your wedding in unique international locations.