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Sonia Orlandini - Sunsplash Travel Designer & Sales

"Nana", I welcome you in Polynesian in my webpage.
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I love my work, in my blood and that takes away my sleep and some time in the hot months. Traveling is in my nature, learn about places, people, traditions, customs, and immerse myself in different situations disparate is a challenging game that keeps you young spirit and mind.

Thanks to my endless curiosity, travel and have traveled a lot and at the ripe age of 34 years I can say I hit the 5 continents for a year, which is not really to be underestimated! I love discovering little gems then to suggest to my clients / friends, so I make special.

Like Alice in Wonderland I get lost looking for boutique hotels, restaurants, wander without destination in the markets, rummage through the narrow streets of the city may already known, but which are seen through the eyes of a child always new and always different. Adventure, fear, accidents are my bread, so when I move into a journey, not I program almost anything and I like to solve the challenges without letting me put you off. Like the time in Australia, where to get the MacKenzie Falls I had to do real rock climbing; Grampians mountains or when I had to flee screaming from a male kangaroo attack to defend his herd. On the plane between Boavista and Sal I danced between the strong currents of air that seemed break the wings in two parts. At Disneyland I ran headlong into the Sleeping Beauty's castle at night under a full moon wonderful, and the whole world was asleep, and the rides were all for me! Of anecdotes there would be many and also the trip more simple, for example a cruise, can become staordinariamente memorable if you deal with the right spirit.

My dream is to continue to fulfill the dreams of others: it is a play on words that makes the idea. From soap bubble of an idea I like to create a magical reality, taking advantage of all my imagination and my experience, marking each of my trip as a unique journey, exclusively. Of words from the world I know many, but few use. I will make an exception here, leaving you with a sentence in South Africa: UMUNTU ngumuntu ngabantu: a person is a person through other persons. Your dream becomes reality thanks to the magic of my experience as a traveler. . . better than that!

"I touched the 5 continents!"

My suitcase is always ready under the bed, then at the first opportunity, the way, I fly! The list of my destinations begins with Ibiza, where I worked and lived for 5 years, from 19 to 23. And now get ready: Polynesia, Australia, South Africa, America, Cape Verde, Canary Islands, Brazil, Lemnos, Cyclades Islands, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia, Portugal, Maldives, Libya, Turkey, Cuba, Egypt and Red Sea, France, Madagascar, Mexico and then during my 16 Mediterranean cruises. . . not to mention Europe, with its traditional capital and new entries such as Krakow, Dresdda, Bratislava, Tallinn. It is also Eurodisney?

My Qualifications

As a citizen of the world, I like to be updated on everything related to my field, for this infinite desire to participate again with all courses of specialization that the Tourist and Tour Operator prepare every year.
I am officially recognized by the Tourist
  • South Africa
  • Polynesia
  • Australia For You
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Island of Mauritius
  • French National Agency for Tourism
  • Ireland
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Brazilian Tourism Board
  • The France of 3 Oceans, Maison de France
  • Amazing Thailand Specialist
  • New Caledonia Expert
  • PuertoRico Expert
  • New York Expert
  • Expert Espanha
  • Cyprus in the Heart Expert
  • Egypt Expert
  • Visit U.S. Expert
  • Barbados Pro Expert
  • Disneystar
  • Air Tahiti Nui Specialist
  • Southern Africa Specialist
  • Costa Cruises Expert
  • Lufthansa Expert
  • Tourism Authority of Malaysia